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5 Tips to Go Viral on YouTube Shorts [Tried & Tested]

by Tarun Pal
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YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are similar in concept, but when we compare their algorithms, they fundamentally differ from each other. The primary reason for this difference is that YouTube Shorts have a larger user base than Instagram Reels.

We are present on both Instagram and YouTube, but we experienced faster growth on Instagram because of our understanding of algorithms. Even after successfully understanding Instagram Reels, I published an article explaining how we achieved one million views on Instagram Reels. However, this time, we are presenting an article for YouTube Shorts on how you can get one million views on YouTube Shorts.

5 Tips to Go Viral on YouTube Shorts

Let’s start by reading the lists that can go viral on YouTube. But before we start reading, I would like to suggest that you read this article thoroughly, and also take notes if you want. This article is not a hypothesis about YouTuber shorts; It is the result of 30 days of research involving various experiments.

#1 Create Original Content

My first advice is to focus on creating original content, because no one appreciates copied content. Think about it this way: Have you ever watched a movie twice? Did the film excite you the second time around as much as it did the first time? The answer is probably no because you already know what will happen next. Similarly, if a user encounters fresh content in Reels, it grabs their attention, prompting them to like, subscribe, and sometimes even share it. So, avoid copying others’ content, and if you do, try to inject some extra fun or creativity into it.

#2 Understand the algorithm

As I mentioned earlier, the YouTube Shorts algorithm is different from Instagram Reels. So your first step should be to understand this. For your better understanding let me explain how the YouTube Shorts algorithm works.
Here’s what happens when you publish a video to YouTube Shorts:

  • When you publish your content on Shorts, it reaches your customers first.
  • YouTube takes 3 to 5 minutes to analyze the purpose of the video to determine whether it is suitable for children or adults.
  • After that, your video receives impressions and views from three main sources: suggested videos, search bar, and hashtags. You can monitor this activity in Live Insights in YouTube Studio. You will see a significant increase in views and thousands of users watching your videos.

After the entire process, the YouTube algorithm analyzes views versus likes and dislikes to understand how people engage with your videos. If the engagement rate is more than 10%, there are chances that your YouTube short video will go viral.

#3 Posting Consistently 

No matter what you’re doing or trying to achieve, consistency is key. Whether you’re looking to gain or lose weight, learn a new skill, or grow your YouTube Shorts channel, consistency is the key.

So, create a content calendar and decide on specific posting days. If you plan to post one video per day, publish only one, not two, and certainly not just one. Try posting your videos for 100 days, and I can guarantee that you will see significant improvements when you compare your first video to the last 100 days.

#4 Video Quality

First of all, it doesn’t matter whether you’re publishing your videos on YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels, video quality matters for virality. I have seen many times that videos shot with iPhone or DSLR always get more views and can also go viral. I don’t know why algorithms favor high-quality videos, but if you want to achieve virality, improving the quality of your videos is essential.

So, if your budget allows then consider investing in the iPhone 15, as it is the best camera phone currently available. I can assure you that after shooting with a high quality camera, you will see higher engagement on content that you may have initially thought was not worth it.

#5 Title & Description

Here’s a final tip for strategically writing titles and descriptions: The best way to write titles and descriptions is to mention the main topic of your video in the title and explain why you created that content in the description.

For example, if you are making a video about Elon Musk’s net worth, you should include “Elon Musk and Net Worth” in the title. After that, you can include relevant hashtags.

Final Words

These are the tips that can help you go viral on YouTube Shorts. However, if you don’t have the time to invest in YouTube Shorts, it’s essential to have a strategy. In such a situation you can contact us. We are a digital marketing agency specializing in YouTube marketing.

Lastly, Trust the process, don’t give up too quickly, sometimes things take time. Wait for your day because everything you’re doing will come back to you. 

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