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Facebook Likes: Strategies for Growing Your Online Presence

by Tarun Pal
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Facebook remains one of the most powerful platforms for businesses to connect with their audience. With over 3 billion monthly active users, the potential for growth and engagement is enormous. However, simply creating a page and posting content is not enough to achieve success on Facebook. It involves strategic planning, consistent efforts, and a deep understanding of your audience’s preferences.

Getting more likes on Facebook can offer multiple benefits such as increasing brand credibility, improving visibility on the platform, and gaining more potential customers. Simply put, mastering the art of increasing likes can help individuals and businesses succeed online and grow their digital presence. Whether you want to boost Facebook photo likes or whole page likes, you can get what you want by implementing the following proven strategies.

9 Strategies for Growing Your Facebook Page

Here are 9 strategies you can follow to grow your Facebook page and engagement on your posts. These strategies are tried and tested because we have been implementing them for the last 5 years for our 150+ brands.

So, let’s start 👇

1. Optimize the About Section

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The About section of your Facebook page is very important as it tells people what your page is all about. Completing and optimizing this section can increase the likes of your page. So, make sure that this section features complete and essential information to make your page reliable for viewers.

Moreover, Facebook also tends to show your content over other pages having incomplete information. Include relevant and trending keywords in your About section to optimize it for search. Use keywords that meet the search intent of the audience. A well-optimized About section is likely to appear on the search results.

2. Share Engaging, Entertaining, and Informative Content

Be informative and entertaining when creating content for your Facebook page. If your audience is more interested in funny memes or exciting videos, then use that specific type of media in your content strategy, ensuring it works effectively with your audience. Entertainment attracts people, however, you need to ensure the interests and preferences of your audience.

If your viewers are looking for something informative, then try educational content. For example, how-to guides, recipes, tutorials, infographics, etc. People love to explore and learn something useful. They often share posts that they believe their friends will find worth exploring and beneficial.

3. Upload Varying Types of Content

People get bored of watching or reading the same type of content every day. They are not willing to like or share content they find boring. So, vary the form of content you upload. For example, you can combine video or images in your articles or other text-based content to make it more appealing to users. You can experiment with articles, facebook reels, memes, GIFs, images, polls, infographics, testimonials, or news. When people find something different and interesting, they are encouraged to like and share your content.

4. Create and Follow the Content Schedule

Leaving the audience with many weeks or months with no content can make them unfollow your account and stop visiting your Facebook profile. Posting content on social media whenever you wish will not be going to bring you new followers and likes.

Lots of people are regularly posting a bulk of content, thus getting lost in the crowd is easier. So, create a posting schedule that regularly brings your brand and Facebook page in front of the target audience. Decide days and times you wish to post and fill essential slots in with content. 

5. Ask interesting questions

Asking relevant and interesting questions can make your audience engage with your content. It provides them more chances to talk about themselves and feel more interactive. People tend to comment, bringing more people to see your post. As a result, you can encourage more people to like your content.

6. Organize a Facebook contest or giveaway

If you have ever noticed, most creators or influencers are organizing giveaways or contests nowadays. Do you know why they are giving preference to these events? Facebook contests and giveaways are beneficial for engaging and rewarding audiences and celebrating milestones with a brand or business. You can ask the audience to give Facebook post likes to enter the giveaway. The random person will be awarded with excellent prizes and offers. 

7. Pin Best-Performing Post

Pinning any top-performing post can help maximize its durability as lots of users have already engaged with it. Moreover, there is a possibility that users visiting your profile can see it and interact with it. The more engagement your post receives, the higher will be the engagement rate of your overall page. This eventually increases your post’s chance of getting discovered by the target audience. Therefore, find and pin your best-performing posts on your Facebook page.

If you have recently created your Facebook account and don’t have any best-performing posts, you can pin a post that asks your audience to share more about themselves. Be sure to offer them an excellent chance to win amazing rewards to encourage them to show more engagement on your post and page.

8. Create a Facebook group

Creating an engaging Facebook group is one of the best strategies to increase likes on your Facebook page and develop a community using your trusted brand. Remember that people will likely participate in your group when you develop a give-and-take relationship with them.

Try to offer value to them by assisting them with their pain points and difficulties. Once you develop a strong trustworthy relationship with your group members, you can easily ask them to like your page and posts. You can add your Facebook group feed on your WordPress website to expand the audience reach of your group.

9. Add your Facebook Page to Your Newsletter

It is easier to bring an audience to your Facebook page but retaining and engaging them for longer is difficult. When you develop a strong connection with your audience, put in effort to keep that bond solid. If you already have a loyal audience for your email newsletter, you can take advantage of them to maximize likes on your Facebook page.

Email subscribers can like your Facebook page without searching for it on Facebook. Embed your Facebook page link on the welcome email of your newsletter. This makes every person signing up with your newsletter like your page. It will be a win-win situation as it can increase your Facebook audience and email subscribers at the same time.

In conclusion

So, there you have all the proven tips to get more likes on your Facebook photos, page, and all types of posts. Note that organic growth will take time so keep some patience.

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