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What is Instagram new Algorithm 2024?

by Vaishali Bana
Instagram new algorithm

If you are a new creator or an already established one or a business trying to make a strong presence on Instagram. You know how important it is to go along with the algorithm. Mastering it can make you gain followers and engagement and ignoring the algorithm can leave you behind in the race of innumerable creators.

Here I will be trying to help you understand Instagram’s new algorithm so that you can grow and evolve over this amazing platform.   

The Reality of Instagram Algorithm

If you are thinking that Instagram has a single algorithm then let me tell you you are little unaware because there are multiple algorithms, classifiers and processes working simultaneously for different purposes. So, each part – feed, stories, reels and explore has its algorithm. 

Hey! But do not be frightened as I will help you have a good understanding of each one separately.

Instagram Algorithm for Reels

In 2024, Instagram is focusing heavily on Reels but not entirely on them. If you’re not using Reels, your account won’t grow.

Here’s what to do to make the most of the Reels algorithm:

  • Crop all videos to a 9:16 ratio.
  • Keep videos between 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Make your content quick, engaging, and fun.
  • Don’t use videos that look recycled from TikTok or are low-resolution.
  • Instagram mostly prefers Reels that get a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

Instagram Algorithm for Stories

Instagram Stories work like the Feed, mainly showing content from the accounts you follow and not new ones. Here I am sharing what Instagram looks at for Stories:

  • Direct Messages (DMs): Do users view and respond to your story?
  • Profile Clicks: Do users click your profile after watching a story?
  • Finish or Skipped: Do users watch your Stories till the end or skip them?

Some of the other factors that help your content perform better:

  • When users turn on notifications for your Stories.
  • When users share your Stories with friends or on their own Stories.

Note: To get the algorithm to favour your content, create engaging content that makes users interact. Using surveys, stickers, and Q&As can encourage action from your followers.

Instagram Algorithm for the Feed

The Instagram Feed is where you will get to see posts from people you follow. Here’s how the algorithm decides what you see at the top:

Who Made the Post:

  • Is it from someone you interact with a lot?
  • Do they have many active followers?
  • Do they usually post great content?

Information About the Post:

  • Is it a photo or video?
  • How long is the video?
  • When was it posted?
  • Are you on your phone or computer?
  • Does the post have a location tag? Or not.

Your Activity:

  • What kind of posts do you usually look at and engage with?
  • Are you likely to leave a comment?

2024 Tip: Like website SEO, use alt text when uploading images to describe what’s in the image.

Instagram Algorithm for Explore

The Explore tab shows you new or the latest content based on your interests. Most of what you see here is from accounts you don’t follow yet. Here’s how the Explore algorithm works:

Who’s Posting the Content:

  • Is it from an account many of your friends follow?
  • Have you interacted with their content before, but haven’t followed them yet?

Information About the Post:

  • Are other users quickly liking, commenting, and sharing this content?
  • Is it recent?
  • Who liked this post, and what other content do they like?

Your Activity:

  • Have you engaged with similar content before?
  • Do you usually save or share this kind of content?

2024 Tip: Instagram is starting to promote smaller creators over bigger ones in the Explore tab.

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Here is the list of ways to hack the Instagram new algorithm 2024

It is essential to understand that Instagram is a for-profit platform and it earns by the advertisements. So, the more it keeps its users engaged the more better it is for the business and if you content fulfills the goal, the algorithm wil keep promoting your content. 

Post consistently

Be consistent and avoid erratic posting schedules. You can start with 1 post per day, focus on quality, then gradually increase. 

Test, Test, Test to know what works for you

Stand out by trying different types of content. Start treat Instagram as a place to experiment, not as sacred as your website also start learning from what doesn’t work and keep improving.

Double Down on Reels

Reels are essential for growth due to the popularity of short videos. So, it is better to aim for more engaging Reels that stop the scroll.

Edit videos within Instagram to avoid penalties

Post Reels to both your Reels feed and main feed for more engagement. Don’t just rely on Static Images

Static images can stand out among the sea of videos

Static images are making a comeback and can be very effective. Use simple, eye-catching images to capture attention.

The Unicorn Strategy

Imitate successful accounts and add your unique twist. Analyze top posts from others and improve on them. Also use trends creatively to fit your message.

Treat Your Audience Like Gold

Engage with every like, comment, and DM. Visit and interact with your followers’ profiles. Also building genuine relationships boosts engagement and algorithm favor.

Hashtag and Caption Quality

Focus on quality hashtags, not quantity. Research trending hashtags and test them for 30 days. Also your captions should provide context and engage readers. Now a days shorter, catchy captions are becoming more effective.

Create Carousels

Use carousels to tell stories or explain topics in detail. You can also mix carousels and images with Reels to find what works best. Also do not forget to make the first slide in carousels attention-grabbing.

Nurture Your Audience with Stories

Use Stories to engage with both new and returning followers. Stories offer more opportunities for interaction and engagement.

Use the Right Formatting

It is advised to always use proper image and video sizes for better performance.

  • Square images: 1080px x 1080px (1:1).
  • Vertical content (Stories/Reels): 1080px W x 1920px H (9:16).
  • Hack: Crop static images to 1080 x 1350 (4:5) to take up more screen space.
  • Optimize for View Duration

Instagram favors videos that are watched for longer periods.

Make sure your videos are engaging from start to finish. Deliver on the promise of your video title and thumbnail. Start with an engaging hook for more attention. 


Hopefully the above information will help you to hack the Instagram’s new algorithm and help you achieve more growth on Instagram. We at Waffle Bytes Pvt. Ltd have tried and tested most of the above mentioned tricks and have achieved good results on Instagram. 

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