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What is Lifestyle Marketing? (Learn in 5 Minutes)

by Waffle Bytes
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Have you ever noticed how you chose clothes, cars, homes, hairstyles, and even addictions like cigarettes or cigars? Most of us are inspired by another person’s way of living.

In this digital age, what you choose is the result of lifestyle marketing. 

What is Lifestyle Marketing? 

Lifestyle marketing is a marketing component, and it is the ultimate marketing strategy goal. That seeks to embody a group or culture’s values, aspirations, interests, attitudes, or ideas for marketing purposes. 

Lifestyle marketing aims to make a product a part of human life through movies, TV commercials, and celebrity endorsement.

If I don’t understand yet, I’ll explain it thoroughly.

  • Lifestyle: The way living of human beings is called lifestyle, which includes the interests, ideas, attitudes, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture.
  • Marketing: This is a way to promote products and services, including video, Internet, and local advertising.
  • Lifestyle + Marketing: Brands’ purpose is that customers not only buy products but also make them a part of your life. As a result, the combination of these two aspects becomes lifestyle marketing. 

How Does Lifestyle Marketing Work? 

Businesses and brands advertise their products the way human lifestyles. The goal of lifestyle marketing is to present the product as a need, desire, and emotion.

For example, most of us are inspired by other people’s lives and always pay attention to how they live, like how they dress, talk and walk, etc. And those who are your inspiration or role model for you are all inspired by advertisements. So it is a never-ending vicious cycle.

Lifestyle marketing consists of 2 direct advertising, which includes celebrity endorsements and product placement in movies.

Celebrity Endorsements

Brands use celebrity endorsements/branding because they have fame and name, fan base, positive social status, and broad reach. Brands use all aspects for recognition and hope that the positive image of the celebrity endorser can pass on to the image of the product or brand.

It is an example of celebrity endorsement. Amitabh Bachchan is promoting Maaza.

In this image Bollywood superstar, Amitabh Bachchan is advertising a maaza drink based on mango juice.

Product Placements

It is a marketing method of acquainting a product or brand to the consumers through product placement, carried out by a film or television program. And most of this involves expensive items, such as vehicles, private jets, etc.

Have you ever watched cast away the movie, Importantly, this movie is the best example of product placement. The movie is based on a guy who works in FedEx as an area manager.

Examples of Lifestyle Marketing 

1. Apple

Apple is an excellent example of lifestyle marketing. If I ask “which is the best smartphone,” the first brand you suggest is the Apple iPhone 13. 

Apple offers consumers something invaluable from their iconic looks, quality products, and customer experience. They assure their customers that they can enjoy a better standard of living when they buy from them.

2. Nike

If you are a fitness freak or athlete, you know the value of Nike products in the fitness industry. Nike has gained tremendous popularity in the fitness and athletic industry.

The Just Do It campaign: This is the most recognizable Nike campaign of all time. The slogan “just do it” inspires people to do something impossible.

3. Colgate

Colgate is not an expensive product, it is just toothpaste, but as an Indian, it is a part of our daily routine. Even many of us say “Give me a Colgate” instead of “Give me a toothpaste” when buying. The popularity makes Colgate a lifestyle brand.

4. Bisleri

Only Indians can understand the popularity of bisleri. The brand became a part of the human lifestyle for its quality and affordability. 

In Conclusion

In our opinion lifestyle marketing is an important part of marketing, as it is hard to achieve. Creating products for a lifestyle brand and aim is not for profit, but to improve human life.

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