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What is Moment Marketing: Example and Tips

by Tarun Pal
Moment Marketing

Some ads get more attention than others because they know when people are most interested in paying attention.

The people who create these advertisements are not necessarily psychologists. They understand exactly when people are most likely to listen and engage.

In a world with so much information, the people who get attention are the ones who know when to say the right thing at the right time.

This is what we call moment marketing.

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is a method that brands use to promote themselves by talking about what is happening at the moment, such as trends, news or events. They do this to let more people know about the brand and buy their products. This type of marketing helps brands connect with people by saying the right things at the right time during popular events or trends.

It is smart for brands to use this strategy as it helps them gain attention in popular discussions. Even though it’s a cheap way to talk to people, it only works if done right and it won’t last forever.

Why should brands care about Moment Marketing?

Good reasons why your brand should use moment marketing:

  • Engages people: Using current trends helps connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and get people interested in your brand. Moment marketing does this by taking advantage of the right timing and participation in these trends.
  • Saves money: Moment marketing doesn’t need to be a big campaign to work. This is a budget-friendly way to get results. Since you are taking advantage of trending events, you don’t have to spend a lot on promotion.
  • Builds relationships: Moment marketing allows brands to connect with their customers. People feel like the brand is paying attention, and this instant connection makes them feel closer to the brand.

Examples of Moment Marketing

Over time, a lot of brands have done a great job using moment marketing to talk to their customers and get people excited about what they’re selling. In this conversation, we’ll discuss 4 examples of moment marketing that really made a big impact. We will focus on how these brands took advantage of the opportunity to make their campaigns successful.

1. Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign

In 2013, Coca-Cola did something good with its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign and people loved it. They put different names on their bottles and asked customers to share a Coke with a special person. This made the campaign unique and entertaining for consumers.

share a coke - moment marketing campaign

Coca-Cola used social media to spread the word and it worked! More than 150 million personalized bottles were sold in the United States, and sales in the United Kingdom increased by 2.5%.

This success shows how important marketing is at this moment. It’s all about creating personalized and fun experiences that connect with customers.

2. Starbucks’ ‘Red Cup’ campaign

In 2015, Starbucks had a great marketing idea for the holidays called the ‘Red Cup’ campaign. They released special red cups for their holiday drinks, making it a festive tradition.

Red cup campaign: starbucks

The purpose was to get customers excited and looking forward to the holidays. Starbucks asked people to share their Red Cup experiences on social media using #RedCupContest, and also gave away prizes for the best photos.

The campaign was successful! Over 40,000 entries and over 2.3 billion views on social media. This got people talking about Starbucks and, of course, boosted sales. People began to eagerly await the arrival of the Red Cup every year, making it a successful marketing move.

3. Domino’s Pizza’s ‘Tweet for Pizza’ campaign

In 2015, Domino’s Pizza came up with a great idea called ‘Tweet for Pizza‘ campaign. They let customers order pizza by simply tweeting a pizza emoji on Domino’s Twitter account.

Tweet for Pizza - moment marketing

Guess what? It was a huge hit! Over 500,000 tweets were sent and over 200,000 pizzas were ordered through this fun promotion. The campaign received over 1.5 billion views across media and won several awards in the advertising world.

Why was this a momentary marketing success? Because it used a trendy thing (the popularity of emoji) to connect with customers and give them a unique experience. Domino’s Pizza made it easier for people to order pizza while riding the emoji wave, boosting their brand, selling and building a stronger connection with their audience.

4. MasterCard’s ‘Priceless’ campaign

Launched in 1997, Mastercard’s ‘Precious’ campaign is a timeless success. It highlights unforgettable experiences that money can’t buy, making Mastercard a household name. The campaign, worth $7.5 billion in 2002, uses emotionally charged cultural moments.

Mastecard Priceless moment marketing campaign

For example, during the 1998 World Cup, an advertisement featuring football legend Pelé was a huge earner. ‘Priceless’ is an excellent marketing example, connecting with audiences and strengthening Mastercard as a global brand.

5 Easy Tips for Using Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is not difficult to use, especially when it comes to a lot of people or specific groups. All you have to do is pay attention to what’s happening now and what might happen in the future that interests your target audience. Then, find the right time to make the most of it.

1. Be Ready for Right Time

In moment-to-moment marketing, timing is of the essence. Don’t promote a trend that is already outdated, otherwise people won’t understand it. Have your creative team ready to jump on board when a trend reaches its peak. Being prepared helps avoid last minute problems and helps you take advantage of opportunities at the right time.

2. Keep up with Trends and Events

Be active on social media and follow news for trends and events. Understand what your audience likes and plan ahead for related trends. Look for events that fit your brand so you can prepare a marketing campaign in advance. Remember, even if momentary marketing seems effortless, a lot can still be planned.

3. Increase Sales

Make your product or service the focus. Moment marketing is great for starting conversations and creating awareness. But don’t forget to connect the trend with your product to increase sales. Create a campaign that connects the trending topic to what you’re selling.

4. Use Humor

Humor is important in momentary marketing. Many trends on social media are full of fun, memes and jokes. Take advantage of these opportunities to create a viral campaign. Be funny, but avoid being offensive. Use memes and related content to increase the chances of your campaign being shared online. This also helps humanize your brand and connect with potential customers.

5. Stick to your brand personality

Remember your brand’s personality when using instant marketing. Don’t join every trend or event for the sake of marketing. Choose moments that fit your brand. While humor and memes are good for attracting attention, make sure the trend suits your company. Always keep your brand values and key messages in mind to create momentary marketing that works well in the long term.

In conclusion

Moment marketing is a great way to be in front of your target audience. However, it requires a very creative team and people who can think outside the box. We are a digital marketing agency that helps brands with moment marketing, influencer marketing, and overall paid marketing as well. If you need any help regarding moment marketing, you can contact us.

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