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7 Reasons Why Your Reels Not Getting Views

by Tarun Pal
Instagram Reels Not Getting Views

You are trying your best and have done all that is possible, but your reels are not getting views and you are feeling overwhelmed by the Instagram algorithm. 

If you are wondering why your reels are not receiving views on Instagram, you are in the right place. We have identified 6 reasons why some reels do not receive the views they deserve. Perhaps you will find that one of these reasons is on the list.

6 possible reasons why your Reels aren’t going viral or Getting Views.

Here are six possible reasons why your reels may not be getting views. We hope that by identifying and addressing these reasons, you’ll see positive results.

1. You’re Using Bot Followers

Many social media marketers and users believe that having a large follower base is the best way to attract new followers, and they use bot followers to look authentic. While this is true in many ways, it goes against Instagram’s algorithm guidelines. Here’s an example of how bot followers can harm your Reels reach.

For example, when you post something on Instagram, the algorithm sends this content to your 10% followers. After analyzing 10% of your followers’ interactions, such as shareability, likes, comments, and saves, the Instagram algorithm will decide on the basis of engagement to show more users on the Explore page and their feed.”

Therefore, when an Instagram account has more than 30% bot followers their reels reach become narrow. Because bots can’t interact they are just like a dead army. 

So keep this in mind, do not use bot followers in the first 3 months of account creation. After that you can use it but the limit shouldn’t be more than 30%.

2. You’re Copying Others Content

Have you ever watched a movie for the second time and felt as excited and surprised as the first time? Most likely not. In a similar way, think about Instagram Reels – why would people like and share content they’ve already seen?

As I already mentioned, the virality and views depend on Like, Share, Comments and Saves. There is a deep meaning and psychology behind these four engagement interactions:

  • Like –  Relating with content.
  • Comment  – Sharing their point of view.
  • Share – Sharing emotions with friends & family.
  • Save –  Marking as important for the future. 

Copying others is the second reason why people may not engage with your content. Therefore, it’s important to avoid duplicating others’ work and instead focus on creating something original. This may require doing research and trying new approaches, but it will ultimately be more rewarding and engaging for your audience.

To provide motivation, I am sharing a quote for Instagram content creators:

“Don’t follow trends, create trends and let them follow”

Tarun Pal

3. You’re Publishing on Wrong Time

It is possible that you are publishing reels at the wrong time, and your audience has a different routine. 

For example, we publish corporate reels on our Waffle Bytes Instagram account, and since most of our followers are working people, it’s highly likely that they don’t use social media while in the office. Therefore, in my opinion, the best time to publish reels for these types of followers would be in the evening.

There are two ways to know your audience. The first is to think about the kind of content you are posting, and the second is to check Instagram Insights. Here, you can get data about the period of time when your followers are using Instagram.

4. You’re Using Too Much & Banned Hashtags

Using too many hashtags is a mistake that most of us make every time we publish content on Instagram. We simply Google ‘Instagram hashtags’ and copy and paste them without ensuring their quality and quantity, which can create issues. Both quality and quantity matter to get reach and engagement. Here is an explanation of both:

  • Quantity: According to Instagram, the maximum limit of hashtags that can be used is 30. If you use more than 30 hashtags, it would be against Instagram guidelines.
  • Quality: When we copy and paste hashtags from somewhere, there are high chances that we might get spammy and banned hashtags which can negatively affect our reach and engagement.

Always keep in mind the quality and quantity of hashtags while posting on Instagram. In my experience and opinion, I am not against Instagram hashtags, but I prefer to use only 2-3 relevant hashtags.

5. You’re Posting Low Quality Reels

Believe it or not, the quality of reels videos matters for engagement and virality. Currently, I don’t have any proof to support this statement, but I have personal experience. When we started making reels on Instagram, we were using phones like OnePlus 6, Realme, and Oppo to shoot videos, but we got no likes or comments. Then, we changed our camera to iPhone 13, and we observed that the quality of the reels matters. Now, we are using iPhone 14 Max Pro, and you can see our latest viral reels.

Try to shoot your reels with the best camera phones or DSLR. If you follow our article on ‘How to Get 1 Million Views on Reels‘, it will definitely work.

6. Content Publishing Discrepancy

Content publishing discrepancy’ refers to the lack of sufficiency or inconsistency in content creating and publishing. 

For example, if you spend excessive time checking insights, likes, and views after publishing a reel instead of creating new content, you may experience a content publishing discrepancy

Therefore, don’t waste your time checking the insights of published content. Instead, create a social media content calendar for consistency. If you need any help with the content calendar, you can contact us.

7. You’re Too Choosy

Are you always looking for the best places or angles to shoot real videos? If yes, then you’re too choosy and wasting your time striving for perfection. Be an average Instagram creator. I mean, when you get an idea for reel content, just shoot it, check 2-3 times, and upload. Don’t waste your time thinking about who is going to like it because everyone has different senses of humor.

Final Words

These are seven reasons that may be hindering your Instagram Reel success. We encourage you to carefully read through the list of possible reasons and attempt to address them. If you do not find the reason in the list of six, feel free to comment below, and we will be happy to assist you.

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