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Get 1 Million Views On Instagram Reels [Tried & Tested]

by Tarun Pal
1 million views on instagram reels

Getting 1 million views on Instagram reels it’s not rocket science, you just have to follow some common steps. Before diving into these steps we will love to share our journey with Instagram reels.

As you know, these days every brand and company is making reels to get attention and developing brand awareness by entertaining audiences. We are also in this race so we started making reels in May 2022. When we started we were just trying to copy others. For example, we were just scrolling the phone and finding a reel and downloading the audio and making reels.

After two month’s boredom, we analyzed our reels, getting 3000 views only and 52 – 100 likes. These were all likes and views we were getting from all our teammates and colleagues.  

So, after analyzing, one thing was certain and clear that we will have to do something new & unique. Then we started a trial and error method. With this process we observed 4 things that make reel viral but before we go on tips I want to show proof. 

This is our first reel that got 5 million views, 2.5 lakh likes and 1500 comments  in just 10 days.  

4 Tried & Tested Tips to Get 1 million Views on Instagram Reels 

These 4 tips are connected to each other. If you forget one of them then it doesn’t work well, so read carefully with full attention.

1. Focus On Creating Original Content

The first mistake we make is that we are copying others again and again which have no sense in it. For example, why would viewers watch our reels if they have already consumed the original content that was created by another creator. 

Believe it or not, original content is not only loved by people, it also attracts Instagram algorithms. So focus on originality, because copying someone is very easy and originality has a different fragrance. 

2. Original Audio – Unknown Instagram Algorithm

Have you ever seen the original audio tag on some reels? For example, look at the below image.

Instagram original audio tag

Now, you are wondering why I mentioned this in tips. It’s a mysterious thing on Instagram and another reel algorithm, because every reel that has this original audio tag has more views then other reel created on particular audio. 

Especially, what I’m trying to say is that before publishing your reels, give your audio a unique name if it is not a song. That one change will change your Instagram account engagement rate.

3. Comment & Shares – Virality

People love to comment and share on Instagram reels,  if content is relatable and original. These comments and shares are not only reactions, these are emotions and feelings that people want to express through social media. 

But it’s not as simple as you think, let me explain. 

Suppose, there are two ice cream shops in a street and you have to buy one. but there is a difference: the first shop is crowded and there is no one around the second shop.

Which shop would you choose to buy ice cream? Of course 97% of people will choose the first shop to buy because the first one is crowded.

Similarly, if your reels don’t have comments it’s not a good thing. Hence, after publishing, share your reel with your followers, colleagues and friends through DM and tell them to comment and like. 

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4. Time of Posting Reels 

The best time to post on Instagram reels? This topic has many articles and insights. Some bloggers say that morning is the right time, some say evening is the right time. 

Truly, nobody knows the right time to post reels on Instagram but one thing is certain that post time is crucial. You have to think beyond to find the best time to publish reels. There are 2 ways to estimate the best time to post on Instagram:

  1. Instagram Insights – Take eye on Instagram insights, first check your account insights by hours.
  2. Do AB Test – When nothing works, then try AB testing. For example, post reels on different times of the day like 3:00pm, 5:00pm, etc.

Final Words

These are the 4 pillars to help you to achieve vitality on Instagram and getting 1 million views. Besides these tips, one thing I want to mention is to be creative, make relatable content and think about inner approach. Social media is all about trust building, don’t post every time about selling and offers.

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