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Influencer Marketing Guide & Message Templates

by Nisha Garg
Influencer Marketing Guide Step By Step

Do you know what is trending on social media for brands? It is influencer marketing. According to recent marketing research, the influencer marketing market is supposed to increase by double folds in the coming years. 

Still, many of us need to be made aware of what it is and how we should go about it. Let’s dive deeply into it because influencer marketing holds something for everyone.

What is Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing is online marketing, where a brand promotes itself or its product or services with the help of influencers on social media platforms like instagram, youtube, snapchat and Facebook.

It is based on the idea of celebrity endorsements. The difference between celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing is, here celebrity part is played by influencers, which is way more affordable than celebrities. Also, the medium of influencer marketing is usually social media platforms.

Why is Influencer Marketing Important?

According to a recent study, youth spend a significant portion of their time on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. Thus social media has become a great medium to spread your word.

The stars of the social media world are called influencers since they have a significant influence on everyone. Influencers are celebrities, yet not celebrities. They connect more with the audience than any celebrity.

Influencers stay in touch with their audience and have built trust with their knowledge and authority. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where Influencers advertise your product or service to their audience.

What is the right way of doing influencer marketing?

Influencers have built great trust with their audience. The planned, marketed videos do not work on social media. It would be best if you have trust in your product. Send your product to the Influencer and ask them to post their natural, raw and honest reviews of it.

If they point out a few drawbacks of your products, you can work on them. If you get a positive review, let the Influencer do their job.

How To Run A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Influencer marketing is a very crucial part of any brand’s marketing plan. It can make or break your brand image like anything. Influencers have a significant impact on their audience. Many brands are taking advantage of Influencer Marketing. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you through the influencer marketing journey.

Identify the right Influencer for your brand? (Pointers)

There are Influencers in every possible niche on social media. The right influencers are those whose audience overlaps with your target customers. Here is the checklist you can follow to chuck in or out the right influencers for your upcoming campaign:

  • Niche – Check if the niche/ category of the Influencer aligns with your brand.
  • Followers – Always look for influencers with a good number of active followers.
  • Reach – is a significant factor in determining the authenticity of the Influencer’s account.
  • Engagement – Better Engagement means the audience is more active on the account.
  • Location (if applicable) – It would be best if the location of the Influencer and your brand were the same.
  • Check if the account is active or not. – Active accounts should be preferred.
  • Budget  – You can ask about the commercials of the Influencer. You can proceed further with the collaboration if they are in your range.
  • Gender ratio – As a brand offering collaboration, you can always ask for insights into the influencer’s account. You can look for the profiles with your target gender more in ratio.

Tip: You can always negotiate with the Influencer.

How to approach influencers?

Approaching influencers is a relatively easy task. Once you have shortlisted the right influencers for your brand, you can go to their profile. They usually mention the same medium to reach them. If not, you can directly message them on social media itself.

Message Templates to Outreach Influencers

An influencer outreach plan is a very crucial part of the marketing campaign. Every brand gets stuck on What to include in the first message and what not to. Here are a few ready-to-use templates for you to reach out and lure influencers for the collaboration:

1. Dear Ishita,

I hope you are doing great.

We admire your content and would love to associate with you for a skincare collaboration.

Kindly let us know if you’re interested in the same by reverting to this mail.

Looking forward to associating with you.


Team xyz

2. Hey there,

Greetings of the day

We hope you’re doing great while creating the fantastic content you put out, which we’re a fan of. And that’s why we’re reaching out to you regarding our upcoming campaign.

We want to collaborate with you on the same. Let us know if you are interested, and we will share more details.

Type: Paid and Barter

Deliverables: 1 Video


Team Xyz

3. Hey Stunner, 

Greetings from xyz Cosmetics! I hope you are doing well. 

We like your content and would love to collaborate with you for the upcoming xyz campaign. Please find below the details of the campaign before confirming.

Campaign Idea – Transformation and Transition Reel

Deliverables – 1 Story + 1 Reel

Content Submission Date: 5th November 2022

Live Date: 10th November 2022


Story Brief – The story would be an unboxing of the products received.

Reel Brief – Videos with the application of makeup products transitioning into a final makeup look are all over Instagram.

You can add references here.

Commercials: Please note that this will be a barter-based or Paid collaboration where we will send you the mentioned products.

We’re very excited about this campaign, and if you would like to collaborate with us as per the above guidelines, do let us know asap – we’ll be happy to send you the products at the earliest!


How much do influencers charge?

Influencers charge according to their popularity and reach. You can also get Influencers to work with you in exchange for your products. An influencer with a higher reach can charge you any amount.

Certain factors can define the worth of the Influencer. The primary factor is the reach and followers of the Influencer.

Here is the tool to determine the price range you can negotiate with the Influencer.

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Three examples of Successful Influencer Marketing campaigns

1. Dunkin Donut

On National Donut Day, Dunkin Donuts aired a campaign. They were giving away a free doughnut with the purchase of any beverage. They also cooperated with Snapchat content makers. They provided a one-of-a-kind Snapchat geofilter to enhance the content.

The campaign gained ten times more followers on Snapchat’s official account than the average monthly follower. The campaign reached a total of 3 million people.

2. Allen Solly

Allen Solly launched the #ShootForSolly campaign to market their chinos collection to target young consumers and portray chinos as an alternative to jeans.

The campaign involved 22 influencers. The #ShootForSolly campaign reached around 73,493 people and received 712,203 impressions. The campaign managed to engage 1,16,279 unique engaged individuals on Facebook, with a total reach of 2 million and 3.2 million impressions.

3. Baggit

Baggit initiated an influencer campaign to engage and interact with their target audience for their new SS collection. They created the Baggit Event, in which influencers (bloggers) exhibited their products by carrying them throughout the event.

The campaign generated almost 5 million impressions. During the campaign, the Twitter account gained over 2.8 million followers. Baggit publicized their new collection on social media using the hashtag #PlayTheLifeGame.


The market of Influencer Marketing is expanding like anything. All of the brands are taking advantage of it. Identify the right influencers for your brand and approach them with your collaboration idea. 

Influencers have a good impression on their audience. The influencer marketing campaign can help you spread your brand and product awareness. They can directly give you 10x results.

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