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10 Advantages of Facebook Marketing For Your Business

by Waffle Bytes

When Facebook first appeared, it was just a social networking site that connected people. But now, Facebook has become more than a social networking site. But now, Facebook is the most potent marketing and advertising platform that empowers businesses to target new audiences, generate more leads, and optimize sales. 

The benefits of Facebook marketing for Business include a variety of upsides that ultimately help with focused targeting and increase ROI.

Using Facebook marketing correctly ensures an avalanche of relevant traffic to any business in the fastest way possible. Now, Facebook is giving tough competition to Google Marketing in optimizing businesses’ online presence and generating conversion-driven traffic.

Facebook can be a massive benefit to your Business. Here are ten advantages of using Facebook marketing for your Business:

1. Massive Reach

Facebook is the giant mammoth of all social media platforms and has around 2 billion user accounts. Plus, it is a popular social media channel worldwide and is popular in all age groups. Again, some features of Facebook: like Ads, pages, and groups, make Facebook an ideal place for a brand’s massive reach.

In January 2022, according to Statista, Facebook had more than 2.9 billion users worldwide. 

social media statics

That is more than any other social media platform and second to perhaps only Google’s search users.

2. Profitable For Both B2C & B2B Businesses

Have you heard that Facebook advertising is only for B2C businesses?

Prepare to be surprised at how B2B businesses can also run successful campaigns on Facebook.

Business decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than other people.

The B2B space is competitive, so B2B marketers must be aggressive when leveraging Facebook. But with the proper targeting, ad format, messaging, and off-Facebook user experience on your site, there is an opportunity for success.

Facebook remarketing is the least B2B marketers should consider.

We often forget how anyone, who is a B2B target, does not stop being so after they leave the office or are online in snackable moments between work engagements.

They are the same person. Remarketing to them on Facebook is a reliable way to remain in their consideration.

For targeting new users, Facebook offers these targeting segments that align well with B2B needs:

  • Employer name.
  • Job title.
  • Employment industry.
  • Interest industry.
  • Employer company size.
  • Business travellers.

Another B2B tactic worth pursuing is creating lookalike audiences based on an existing email list, website visitors, or customer base.

While not unique to Facebook and other platforms that offer this, advertisers have seen it perform well on Facebook.

Hawke Media’s Facebook advertising strategy started with this step and brought them a 4x return on ad spend.

3. Efficient Communication Channel

One-to-one communication is made easy with Facebook. Since Facebook allows sharing posts, videos, and blogs, it is an ideal platform where companies can inform customers about their latest products, answer industry-specific queries and solve customers’ purchasing issues.

4. Budget-Friendly & Cost-Effective

Choosing Facebook for promoting your Business has another advantage- It is inexpensive, and anyone or any business can create their business page. Further, the Facebook business page is used to share posts to engage the audience. In addition to these, Facebook ads are also very budget-friendly.

5. Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is a trust-driven connection between consumers and a brand when consumers develop an emotional relationship with a brand and keep on opting for their products or services because they find the brand reliable and top-quality compared to other competitors.

Facebook is the perfect place if you want to build brand loyalty. The platform allows you to hold one-to-one conversations with your audiences. When people see you responding to their queries and comments, you appear as a brand concerned about their issues, and the seed of loyalty automatically gets spread.

6. Increases your Site Traffic

Amongst the different benefits of Facebook marketing for businesses, this one is one of the most advantageous ones that will increase traffic to your company site and ultimately help you boost your search rankings. You can use the site link of your Facebook page to guide your FB fans to your website.

Users visiting your site from Facebook will also be more inclined to use your products and services. They would prefer to land on your site after seeing your brand’s benefits. When they land on your site page, there will be brighter chances of converting them to make a purchase or do other favourable actions. You can use Facebook Ads to generate traffic on your website and give the link to your site page in the About Section of your Facebook Page. This will increase the chances of boosted online presence and optimized conversions of your site.

7. Audience Transparency 

While some programmatic networks offer similar audience targeting capabilities, Facebook’s audience reach is highly transparent.

By self-selecting audience targeting, your Business has a high level of control and transparency over your target audiences.

  • Fans: Your Facebook followers.
  • Friends of Fans: Users who are friends of your followers.
  • Behaviours or Interests: Users who meet your selected criteria based on self-reported measures.
  • Remarketing: Users who have previously visited your site.

While other platforms will auto-optimize your placements, segmenting your campaign on Facebook based on these known audience clusters positions you to derive insights.

In both cases, a campaign may perform well.

However, on Facebook, you will see what segment(s) performed best, leading you to make hypotheses with the opportunity to continue testing and refining strategies.

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8. Competitor Targeting

Few solutions will allow you to follow the audiences of your competitors.

On Facebook, you can’t target fans of other brands.

However, you can still target users who have indicated desired brands as their interest.

That is based on self-reported data and may not be current, depending on the last time a user has updated their settings.

Still, mainly if used at scale, this can be an effective strategy to go after well-qualified users.

By creating a custom audience of users with interest in 20+ well-known brands, one can quickly tap into thousands of users without paying fees for these audience profiles, which may be necessary on other channels.

9. Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Facebook lets your audiences like and share your posts, which works as a word-of-mouth promotion. Anyone who sees your Facebook posts and then likes or shares them with those who want to know that kind of content helps with word-of-mouth promotions. 

Some unique campaigns like Contests influence your users to share your posts. Using entertaining, relevant, educational, and informative content will affect your viewers to share your content.

10. Availability of Facebook Marketing Tools

One of the best benefits of Facebook marketing for Business is its ability to let you run Facebook Marketing Campaigns without needing too many employees. 

You can use Facebook Marketing Tools to schedule and automate your Facebook Campaigns. Just by understanding the basics of Facebook Marketing and using any one of the Facebook Marketing tools, you can start generating good revenues.

The proper use of these tools will enable you to run well-targeted, scheduled, and automated Facebook Marketing Campaigns to generate good returns from your Facebook investments.

Final Words

These are the top 10 benefits of using Facebook marketing for your Business. Please let us know in the comment section if we miss something in this article.

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