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Instagram Tips: How To Get Views On Reels?

by Waffle Bytes
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Ever since Instagram launched the reel, everyone has been curious about how to get more views on reels.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your reel views are 0. Every creator dreams of having more than 100k views on a single reel.

Here are tips and tricks we shared with you observed during our research and analysis.

How To Get Views On Reels?

Here are 7 pieces of advice we shared to get more views on Instagram reels.

1. Instagram Music LIbrary

Instagram has a vast library of music and audio with insights, Where you can see which audio is trending on Instagram. Maybe you have also experienced it as if you have watched a reel and liked or saved that video. The Instagram algorithm constantly suggests this type of reel with viral audio.

Try Instagram music library to make a reel, giving your content broad reach with your desired audience.

2. Entertain Your Followers

It doesn’t matter what hashtags you use, what music you use and their duration. The only thing that matters on Instagram is whether your content is entertaining your audience. Or not.

As we explained, the Instagram algorithm transmits your content to others only when 10% of your followers are engaged on your reel and respond. And the engagement on the reels comes for fun. 

Hence it is essential to entertain your audience with quality content. Because if your content makes onlookers day, then it is highly likely that they will like your content and maybe share it with their friends.

3. Use Instagram Filters and Camera Effects

What do you think about posts, videos and music? What type of content gets saved the most on Instagram? Yes, Instagram filters or camera effects are also saved by millions of people on Instagram.

So how do Instagram filters and effects help your reel go viral?

Explanation of Instagram filter algorithm For people who save filters on their accounts, the Instagram algorithm suggests your reel on their feed because you are using that filter on your reels saved by many Instagram users.

4. Create Engaging Captions & Hashtags 

Captions are the second most crucial part of your content. Engaging captions can add context to the reels you share and details that users might not otherwise know.

Until 2018, hashtags were favoured to have high engagement, but in 2022 the Instagram algorithm changed and was no longer dependent on hashtags. Advice not to focus too much on hashtags and keep an eye on creating content for the Explore page

5. High-Resolution Reels

Ensure your videos are of high quality, as high-resolution reels get more engagement than blurry reels. These are not fancy tips for testing yourself and analyzing reels that shoot on an iPhone or DSLR.

Create a reel in high resolution and try some AB testing.

6. The Layout of Your Instagram Reels

Ultimately, your content strategy on Instagram needs to structure your reel content. Like which part attracts people the most.

Here’s an example: How to structure your reel.

  • 0:00 – 0:03 – Introduce your topic to the audience.
  • 0:03 – 0:06 – Shares the most interesting part of your reel video.
  • 0:07 – 0:12 – Add Value Tips, Knowledge or Fun
  • 0:12 – 0:15 – Call-to-action

7. Don’t delete old content.

You upload the reel to your account, and after 1 hour, you see that your content gets some views and gets stuck. Then you removed it because you thought the content was underperforming. Deleting old content is the worst mistake content creators can make.

To understand this, you have to understand the Instagram reel algorithm.

Here’s what happens when you post a reel on Instagram.

When you post your reel on Instagram, the algorithm suggests that you reel to 10% of your followers. If 10% of the followers engage with your content, then the algorithm delivers your reel video to the same interested audience, and then the process continues.

So, don’t delete your content too early; wait for at least seven days. Sometimes the reel on the Instagram algorithm takes time to turn on.

Final Thoughts

There is no precise way to get the view on the reels, and you have to try your best with the quality of your content.

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