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8 Tips For Getting 100K Views On Reels.

by Tarun Pal
Instagram reels

Struggling to get views on your reels? Consumed tons of “ultimate guides” and courses, but that does not work?

A few months ago, we found ourselves in the same predicament. views to our reels had plateaued despite us following “Instagram reels best practices.”

But today, we get an estimated 10 million engagements per month – and that’s just from Reels. You can see our reels on waffle Instagram page, all reels get minimum 100k views and some get millions of views.

Edit: Updating this article on 3 December 2024, because I observed 2 things to add in this list, and they are really important to follow if you want to get 100k to 1 million views.

Here’s a list of 6 tips that’ll improve your Instagram reels and help you get 10k to 100k views, likes, and followers:

1. Entertain Your Audience

People use social media for entertainment purpose, that day’s are gone when people using the social media for messaging and making new friends. So, create some entertaining reel content that grabs attention and makes them laugh. One study shows that funny content gets more shares and likes and emotional content gets more save.

There are 4 types of Instagram Reels that attract people:

  • Emotional
  • Motivational
  • Funny
  • Knowledgeable

2. Use Instagram Filters & Camera Effects

What do you think about except posts, videos and music, which thing gets more saved on Instagram? Yes, Instagram filters and camera effects are also saved by millions of people on Instagram.

So how do Instagram filters and effects help your reel to get viral?

This is how it works: For people who save filters on their accounts, the Instagram algorithm suggests your reel on their feed. Because you are using that filter on your reels, which was saved by many Instagram users.

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3. High-Resolution Video

One study shows that high-resolution reels get more engagement than blurry reels. These are not hypothetical tips that you can test yourself and analyze reels that shoot on an iPhone, Google Pixels Phones or DSLR.

So make your reels in high resolution and try some AB testing.

4. Third-party Apps

We are not against the use of third party apps for reel video editing. But after editing the video, make sure that you do not have watermarks and logos on your reels. Because Instagram AI recognizes them and assumes that the video has been recycled from other apps.

You can use third party apps that not leave watermark on it, Like Canva, Capcut.

5. Try Something New

Did You know about this trend in 2021, “Ye hum hai aur ye humari pawri hori hai”? This trend was created by a Pakistani girl @dananeerr and you will be surprised to know that her Instagram followers grew by 384k to 1.5 million in just 16 days. So always try something new!

6. Time To Post On Instagram

What time you post your reel is more important than choosing a hashtag. Because the Instagram algorithm pushes your reel 35 minutes after you publish the content. If you were publishing your reels when your audience is sleeping or busy. Your reels do not get engagement and interactions.

According to our research, the best time to post on Instagram is in the evening. But you’ll have to do your own experiments to find out the best time to post. If you rely on a blog post you never find the right time to post your reel, so try posting at different times of the day.

7. At Least try to Post 30 Days

Instagram algorithms work on a trust basis, and you can gain trust by posting frequently. For example, what does Instagram expect from its content creators? It expects them to post more and more. 

So don’t think that you will post 2-3 reels and expect to get viral on instagram because it will not work. The best way to make a relationship with instagram reels algorithm is to try to post 30 days with consistency.

8. Don’t Be Too Choosy

Yes, you heard it right. Don’t be too choosy; try to be an average content creator. For example, I’ve observed many Instagram creators who always look for perfection when creating Reels videos. The truth is, perfection doesn’t exist in the universe; you can only improve.

Hence, create content and post it! That’s it.

Final Words

Lastly, try the tips that we mentioned above and post reels consistently, because posting by discipline will make your reels discovered in the reels tab and Instagram explore page.

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