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HYPD Store – Startup: Concept, Offering, & Process

by Tarun Pal
Hypd store

HYPD Store is a startup that was founded in 2020 by Aishwarya Garg and Akshay Bhatnagar. They have been college friends since 2010 and wanted to build a platform where content creators would have the opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing.

In the initial stage of app development, the idea was to develop an app similar to Instagram’s Reels feature, where content creators could create content, make their own shops, and monetize their content by displaying shoppable products on their shop. However, after meeting with the Google for Startups Accelerator team, they restructured their idea because the original concept had some issues. Finally, after making some changes suggested by the Google Startup team, HYPD Store was able to secure funding.

About HYPD 

HYPD Store is a content-to-commerce platform for content creators. The platform offers an opportunity for content creators and influencers to create their own shop and earn a commission-based income by selling products using their name and fame.

Legal Name HYPD Marketing Technologies Private Limited
Industry Technology, Information and Internet
Headquarter Delhi, India
Founding Year2020
Founder’sAshwarya Garg & Akshay Bhatnagar
Total Funding$5.5M (According to Crunchbase)
Number of Employees 51 – 200 

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The Concept

The number of people using social media is constantly increasing, with 4.6 billion users currently. It is estimated that this number will rise to 6 billion by 2027. In today’s world, social media influencers have a significant impact on the lifestyle of social media users, influencing what people wear, eat, and even how they behave.

Therefore, Akshay Bhatnagar and Ashwarya noticed some crucial points between brands, content creators, and social media users. To bridge this gap, both college friends came up with the idea of HYPD Store with a vision that offers the following points:

  • Connecting creators and brands on one platform
  • Providing a customizable shop for content creators and commission-based income
  • Offering easy checkout and special deals for buyers.

How Does the HYPD Store Work? 

Hypd provides a unique opportunity for creators to generate a new stream of income by leveraging their existing content distribution platforms like YouTube. With Hypd, creators can turn their product recommendations and endorsements into affiliate income by directing their audience to purchase the endorsed products from their store.

  • By using Hypd, creators can monetize their content without having to rely solely on ad revenue.
  • Hypd’s platform allows creators to seamlessly integrate their product recommendations and endorsements into their existing content, without disrupting the user experience.
  • The process of becoming a Hypd creator is straightforward and involves signing up for an account, creating a store, and linking to products that the creator wishes to endorse.
  • Hypd offers a range of tools and resources to help creators promote their store and drive sales, including customizable storefronts, analytics dashboards, and marketing materials.

By using Hypd, creators can tap into a new revenue stream and build a stronger connection with their audience by offering valuable product recommendations and endorsements.


Is HYPD Store safe?

Yes, HYPD is a completely safe and trusted platform for store creators, and it is also registered by Google for startups. That means it is not a scam.

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