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5 Essential Tools for Tracking Earned Media and Mentions

by Tarun Pal
tools to track brand mentions

In today’s time, the power of Social Media is so immense that it can construct or destroy businesses quite quickly. Social Media Brand Mentions is one of the most effective ways to let a brand or business enjoy online conversations about themselves on different Social platforms, article sites, blogs, and other forms of content.

Brand mentions are generally channelized via reviews, feedback, and complaints that educate your existing and potential customers about your brand. – And then, when you plan to track brand mentions, you get to know what your audiences are saying about your products and services.

In this post, we will be diving deep into the best tools that enable you to track brand mentions, but before diving deep into those, let us understand the benefits of Brand Mentions-

Importance of Brand Mentions

  • Brand Awareness & Visibility
  • Increase in Brand Reputation
  • Better Link Building Opportunities
  • Acts as the best Research tool for businesses
  • It helps you identify the right audiences

When you track brand mentions, you get insights into the discussions around your brand and accordingly, you can improve your online presence with better interactions with your customers. Different metrics that you need to measure to track brand mentions are-

  • Engagement
  • Clicks per Post
  • Share of Voice
  • Growth
  • Sentiment
  • Profiles of your followers
  • Visual Mentions, etc.

The process of tracking these metrics is quite simple, and just by choosing the right tool to measure brand mention, you can complete the task with great ease. So, without any further ado, let us dive deep into some of the best tools that are going to alleviate the tracking of Brand Mentions for you-

1. Mention Tool

This is one of the most popular tools to track brand mentions. You can use it to track the real-time mentions of keywords associated with your brand. It helps follow Brand Mentions on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Digg. You can likewise use it to see the results from sites, videos, micro-blogs, bookmarks, pictures, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • Social Mention recognizes all the key phrases that you have given. In addition, it will let you look for the brand mentions of particular items or administrations you are putting forth.
  • It is instrumental in tracking the discussions around your competitors as well. To track brand mentions via Social Mention, you will get data and information about the meetings associated with your brand.
  • You will find a visual synopsis demonstrating how regularly your brand is being spread via Social Networks. You can track the range and notion of the talks as well.
  • Social Mention comprises highlights sufficient for startups and small businesses that need to begin with checking their image on the web. It is also cost-effective.

2. HootSuite

You must know the potential of Hootsuite in scheduling and automating marketing campaigns, but you can likewise track your online reputations and mentions via this. This app will be one of your most valuable and affordable choices. It will resolve all your tracking, measuring, automating and scheduling needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizing Hootsuite to track brand mentions is relatively easy. It gives a straightforward strategy for checking all the comments on Social and Web Networks. You can check statements in real-time by using HootSuite as well.
  • Also, it will enable you to react to those mentions directly from your tool. It will also help you do different online networking tasks inside with the utmost ease and efficiency. You can easily opt for Hootsuite’s free or paid version to track brand mentions.
  • With the free version, you can track three Social Media profiles, two RSS channels, and scheduling features.
  • On the other hand, the paid version of Hootsuite will enable you to track 100 Social Media profiles and boundless RSS channels. You will also get upgraded monitoring reports from the paid version of HootSuite.

3. Awario

All your quest to monitor the online presence of your brand ends with this tool. It is a standout amongst the most powerful tools to track brand mentions. You can use it to track Social Media, Blogs, Sites, Forums, and other portals. It will help you screen a vast number of sources with utmost ease. Plus, it can also offer a real-time report to you. Moreover, Awario informs you at whatever point somebody specifies your brand, which gives you the chance to connect and respond to them quickly in the most personalized manner possible.

Highlighted Features

  • It lets you react to exchanges or send private messages to the individuals mentioning your brand on Social networks.
  • Another significant component of its feature set is its Reach metric, which gives you knowledge about how powerful and conversion drove your online reach. It will help you prioritize those mentions that are more likely to convert.
  • Awario also assists you in enhancing your association with your prospects. You can use it to react to online discussions and connect with your clients. That is an excellent method to build trust amongst your followers.
  • It would help if you explored this tool to know how individuals see your brand and how you can use their inclinations to enhance your business.

4. Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts will again be highly useful in letting you stay updated about your brand mentions. You can set it up to track your brand and related keywords. Talkwalker Alerts will also help you get information about executing your brand mentions and reputations. You can find the source of online discussions. It provides you with demographic data, so you can know more about the audiences who are talking about your brands.

Highlighted Features

  • Its paid version offers Social Media Analytics and Monitoring abilities to you.
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily track your online repute. It will also help you screen over 30,000 brand pictures on the web. It also provides you with two years of notable information about your brand.
  • You can use it to compare your brand presence against your industry peers.
  • To track Brand Mentions via Talkwalker Alerts, you enter your keyword and choose the kind of outcome you want to analyze regardless of whether that is associated with the site, news, blogs, forums, etc. The information related to all this will be directly sent to your inbox.

5. Nexalogy

This is one of the unprecedented tools to track Brand Mentions. You can easily use it to know all the details about the discussions related to your brand around the web. From its dashboard, you get the utmost efficiency to track audiences and influencers who are talking about your brand’s positives and negatives.

Highlighted Features

  • To track brand mentions, you need to enter a single search phrase in Nexalogy, and it will show you the expected results via its advanced filters designed to track comments with utmost accuracy.
  • It also offers abilities to analyze your audiences’ sentiments, enabling you to run more personalized campaigns. You can use Nexalogy to save a search, and then later, you can receive updates when mentions are published through Emails or RSS feeds.
  • This one is best to convert Facebook Mentions of your brand into RSS alerts that will ease down the task of tracking brand mentions in the most convenient and efficacious manner possible.

Final Words

In addition to these tools, some other tools like Followerwonk, Hashtagify and TweetDeck can also help you track brand mentions and use those for optimizing the performance of your online marketing campaigns.

Now, on the concluding note, we hope you would have comprehended the importance of Brand Mentions.

If we miss something, please let us know in the comment section!

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