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6 Google Ads Strategy For Real Estate Agents [Tried & Tested]

by Tarun Pal
6 google ads tips for real estate agents

Are you a real estate agent looking for a comprehensive Google Ads guide to getting leads? Then you have reached the right place. We are a marketing agency and we currently have over 100 clients, and in the past we have worked with real estate clients looking for leads, people looking to sell or buy a home.

In this article, we share with you 10 of our tried and tested Google ads strategies that have worked for our clients. But one thing we want to clear you that when you are in real estate business and running google ads you may get 1000 clicks. But there’s no guarantee that every click will turn into a potential lead. Because buying a home is a very difficult and logical decision.

6 Tried & Tested Google Ads Strategy For Real Estate Agents

These 6 strategies are tried and tested by us, so without wasting any time let’s get started.

1. Find Keywords

In the beginning, our first task is to find keywords, for this we will use Google Keyword Planner Tool and Google Trends. Brainstorm some ideas, such as how people would search if they were looking to buy, sell or rent a home.

To give you a deeper understanding, let’s create a hypothetical example of the location San Diego, in which I’m a real estate agent in San Diego and creating a campaign to get leads. And start with keyword research.

I researched on google keyword planner tool, here is a screenshot of how people are searching for properties:

keyword research for real estate agents

And same I did on google trends to check insights of these keywords:

Google trends for real estate

So the user intent is that there are two search terms that have high volume. 

  1. People are looking to buy apartments.
  2. People are looking for house on rent.

2. Landing Pages

The next task is to create a beautiful landing page. So as a real estate agent I have some people that want to sell their properties in San Diego. So what I do next is create a landing page and list all these properties on that page and use 3 times CTA to get leads. 

Wondering why I’m not creating a separate page for every apartment? Because our goal is to get leads not to sell a specific apartment.

Here are some tips that you have to consider when creating landing pages for real estate:

  • Use simple design, don’t add too much animation.
  • Make sure you have listed all properties on that landing page for a specific location. 
  • Add testimonials of your preview clients and what they say about your service. 
  • Use more than 3 times CTA on that page.
  • Assure that page is mobile responsive.

3. Audience Targeting

Now to target audience, and as we know we are targeting people who are looking to buy a home.

Life events: Target people who are going through life events that are likely to interest them in buying a home, such as getting married, having a child, or retiring.

Demographics: Target people based on age, gender, income or other demographics. For example, you can target people who are 30 and 40 years old, who have a household income over $100,000, or who are interested in buying a home in a certain school district.

4. Lead Generate Campaign

Now we are creating our first campaign, the objective of this campaign we set to the lead generation from google search. As we above already completed task like keyword research, audience targeting and landing pages.

Consider these things while creating lead generate ads for real estate:

CPA for lead generation campaigns

Wondering why use CPA bidding strategy for lead generation campaigns? Because CPA means that you want those people on your page who are looking to buy a house. So google will help you to find those users by analyzing their previous search terms. But if you use maximize click strategy then google will send you traffic without analyzing their intent. 

Use Call Extension

Sometimes people want fast solutions, so don’t waste your user time filling the contact form. Always add a call extension on your ads, because not all people love to fill the form, they just want a quick touch.

5. Awareness Campaign

Sometimes people don’t search for the information, but instead search for sources. For example, a user does not want to waste his time searching for properties on Google, instead he does a search like “real estate agent near me” or “property dealer in San Diego ”. So that is why a brand awareness campaign is required. 

Now we have to create a brand awareness campaign without any target and bid strategy which we use to maximize clicks with target CPC. And in this camp we have only two goals: the first user can call us and the second user will fill the contact form.

6. Video Campaign

You can run video ads if you have a video of your properties shot by you. Video ads are basically built when it comes to conversion optimization. Because people spend most of their time on youtube.

But while targeting the audience who are looking to buy flats or apartments, use the targeting options wisely.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s easy to get leads from Google Ads for any industry except real estate. So, be patient and use all the features of Googol Ads. If you do not understand or are not able to use Google Ads, you can contact us. We are a marketing agency which is a reputed organization for PPC marketing in India and also in USA.

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