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7 Ways to Increase Your Reel Video Visibility on Instagram 

by Tarun Pal
ways to increase visibility of reels on Instagram

When you post your reels on instagram, your aim is for them to get as many views as possible. Most users post their Reels and get few to no views. This usually happens due to several mistakes that users make. They don’t know the tricks to increase their reel visibility. 

Several ways can be used to make your content via reels more visible. You can go through the following ways and learn how to make your Reels more visible. 

1. Make the First Few Seconds Captivating 

If you want more people to watch your reel to the end, make the first few seconds attractive. Ensure that you catch your attention. How your Reels Start will determine whether viewers will watch to the very end. 

Your choice of audio from the start will either glue viewers or make them scroll down to other views. When your content gets more views, it becomes more visible to more users. 

2. Use Keywords in Caption

The use of a keyword helps the algorithm to understand the content of your video. This makes it more discoverable on suggested content feeds and search results. Using keywords on your reel captions also matches them with search queries and user activity, making them more visible to a larger audience. 

Avoid using irrelevant keywords if you want to keep increasing your visibility. You can use keywords in several ways, such as:

  1. Keyword on Screen-texts– Using keywords on the texts appearing on your screen increases your visibility. This allows your content to be discovered easily and attracts the audience attracted to your specific content.
  2. Keyword Optimization in Scripts – You can optimize your scripts using keywords. This increases the likelihood of more users finding your content.
  3. Keyword placement in Captions – This is another method of increasing your reel visibility. Strategically place keywords in your caption to enable more to reach your content.

3. Use Easily Readable Texts

Using readable texts on your Reels makes your content more accessible to a wider audience. When your texts are easy to read, they read even to people who may have difficulties in reading. 

Clear and understandable texts increase engagement with your followers. Viewers love watching the kind of content they understand easily. 

4. Publish Your Reels in Feed & Reels Tab

For your Reels to get more visible, share them both on the Reels tab and your feeds. This will maximize visibility by reaching more viewers. Hiding your content or restricting it to followers only can hinder your reel’s visibility. Always make your content public if you want it to reach a higher audience. 

5. Use Trending Audios

When certain slogans and audio trends, content creators take advantage and use them to fit into their content. As an audio trend, most individuals are curious to find out the context. In the event of searching for the audio, they will come across your reels, hence gaining your visibility.

The use of trending audio cab highly attracts more viewers. An algorithm allows your content to appear near other content that have featured a certain audio. This makes your content more visible to a larger audience. 

6. Use SMM Platforms

If your account is new on Instagram, you should consider buying Instagram likes or followers for initial engagement from SMM platforms like PopularityBazaar. It will increase your engagements on reels and inform Instagram that your content is receiving likes, so Instagram will push your reels to other users. And psychologically, people tend to engage with content that others like, creating curiosity.

7. Post Consistently 

Consistency is vital in creating visibility for your reels. When creating content for your Reels, ensure that you are consistent. 

Stick to a specific niche and make it your trademark. This makes it easier for your followers to find your content. It also allows others to find you by searching for a topic. You can click here to understand more about creating reel followers.

Final Words 

Your content can gain visibility or not depending on how you present it. Knowing some tricks and essential ways of advertising your content will help you in a big way. The above methods will help you to create visibility for your content.

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