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Top 10 YouTube Channels and YouTubers in India

by Tarun Pal
top 10 youtubers in india

In 2016, Mukesh Ambani launched Jio SIM with free internet in India, and that was the biggest phenomenon in the content creation industry. At that time, there was only one YouTube channel that was popular in India among teenagers, BB Ki Vines by Bhuvan Bam. But as time passed, more content creators emerged in India, such as CarryMinati, Mr. Indian Hacker, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, and many others.

In this article we will know who are the top 10 youtubers of India and youtube channels too, by analyzing the subscribers count. 

Note: The ranking we are writing is based on the subscriber count, not on other social media platforms like Instagram. Therefore, consider that some YouTubers may have more followers on other social media platforms as compared to YouTube.

The List of Top 10 Indian Youtubers 

#YouTube ChannelsYouTubersSubscribers
1Carry MinatiAjay Nagar41.8 million
2Total GamingAjay (Ajju Bhai)41.3 million
3Techno GamerzUjjwal Churasia39.7 million
4Mr. Indian HackerDilraj Singh Rawat38.7 million
5Round2hellWasim Ahmad, Nazim Ahmed, and Zayn Saifi33.1 million
6Ashish Chanchlani VinesAshish Chanchlani30.3 million
7Sandeep MaheshwariSandeep Maheshwari28.6 million
8Crazy XYZAmit Sharma30.2 million
9BB Ki VinesBhuvan Bam26.4 million
10Amit BhadanaAmit Bhadana24.4 million

#1 CarryMinati (Ajay Nagar)

carry minati

The number 1 youtube of india is CarryMinati also known as Ajay nagar. He started his youtube channel in 2014 when he was in 8th class. 

He ranks among the top ten most famous Indian YouTubers with a subscriber base of over 4.05 crores. Since most of their content is in Hindi, a large portion of their viewership is Indian. Ajay often uploads roast videos and entertainment content on his channel, and infuses them with his unique sense of humor, which is loved by the public. As a result, their video viewership increases by thousands immediately after release.

Additionally, Ajay Nagar has also gained recognition as a gamer and rapper. His fame as an entertainer and YouTuber also led him to meet famous Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. Only a select few people know about his real identity Ajay Nagar, because his channel is known as CarryMinati.

Once upon a time, a digital war broke out between TikTokers and YouTubers. Ajay made a roast video about TikTokers and the video went viral, garnering 10 million likes in 24 hours. This video was a significant boost for CarryMinati’s channel as he gained 3 million subscribers in just 24 hours and became the number one YouTuber in India.

CarryMinati Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 41.8M subscribers
  • Channel Name: CarryMinati
  • Total Views: 3.7 Billion Views
  • Niche: Roasting, Gaming, Comedy, Singer & Rapper

#2 Total Gaming (Ajay)

total gaming

Ajay is one of the second most popular gaming and tech YouTubers in India. His channel, Total Gaming, boasts the second highest subscriber count, with over 36.4 million subscribers and over 5.7 billion views.

Affectionately known as “Ajju Bhai”, Ajay is one of the few prominent YouTubers who has managed to keep a low profile. He joined YouTube in October 2018 and began posting content in December of that year.

While he is primarily recognized for his Free Fire gameplay, Ajay has also ventured into other gaming areas, including mobile titles like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile, as well as PC games like GTA V and Minecraft. Through his engaging videos, Ajay has garnered a dedicated following across all major social platforms, providing clear and entertaining guidance to gamers around the world.

Total Gaming Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 41.3 million
  • Channel Name: Total Gaming
  • Total Views: 4.1 Billion
  • Niche: Gaming 

#3 Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal Chaurasia)

techno gamerz

Ujjwal Chaurasia, a famous YouTuber, rose to fame through his YouTube channel ‘Techno Gamerz’, which gained him recognition within the gaming community. With an impressive subscriber count of over 36 million and 10.2 billion views globally, Ujjwal ranks as India’s third most popular YouTuber. Born on January 12, 2002, he started his YouTube journey in August 2017.

Techno Gamerz is the ultimate destination for comprehensive gaming content, including gameplay videos, reviews, and updates on the latest gaming trends and industry news.

Ujjwal is especially loved for his Minecraft and GTA V gameplay. Additionally, he takes an in-depth look at titles like Hitman 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Resident Evil 3. His channel serves as a valuable resource for gamers, offering informative and insightful content that combines gaming expertise with entertainment.

Techno Gamerz Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 39.7 million
  • Channel Name: Techno Gamerz
  • Total Views: 11.5 Billion
  • Niche: Gaming

#4 MR. Indian Hacker (Dhiraj Singh)

Mr. Indian hacker

Mr. Indian Hacker – Dilraj Singh, also known as Mr. Indian Hacker, stands as the fourth most subscribed Indian YouTuber, operating an experimental YouTube channel. With a substantial following of nearly 33 million subscribers and a combined video view count surpassing 5.9 billion, Dilraj Singh has made a significant mark.

Born on January 8, 1996, he initiated his channel in June 2012, specializing in videos showcasing life hacks and experiments. His channel garnered widespread attention due to the scarcity of such content on YouTube.

Dilraj consistently strives to introduce novelty into each video, a quality that resonates strongly with his audience. Together with his team, he produces a variety of experimental videos that entertain while enriching viewers’ knowledge.

MR. Indian Hackers Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 38.7 million
  • Channel Name: MR. Indian Hacker
  • Total Views: 6.8 Billion
  • Niche: Science Experiments

#5 Round2Hell 


Zayn, Wasim and Nazim form the trio of friends behind Round2Hell, the fifth most subscribed YouTube channel with a remarkable 31.2 million subscribers and an impressive catalog of 67 videos that have garnered over 3.2 billion views. Has gone.

This YouTube channel was started in 2016, when these three friends set out on a journey with a common mission – to create comedy content that their audiences would love. It is worth noting that Waseem, one of the contributors to Round2Hell, faced legal consequences for an incident where he insulted the Hindu goddess Radha, which deeply hurt religious sensibilities.

Round2Hell Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 33.1 million
  • Channel Name: Round2Hell
  • Total Views: 3.3 Billion
  • Niche: Films & Comedy

#6 Ashish Chanchalani 

ashish chanchlani vines

Ashish Chanchlani, one of the leading Indian YouTubers who rose to fame through Vines, hails from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. His upbringing, consisting of watching Bollywood films in his father’s single-screen theatre, developed a passion for acting in him. He decided to leave his engineering degree in pursuit of acting and enrolled in Barry John’s acting studio. In 2009, he started his YouTube journey enthralling audiences with original and humorous content.

His inspiration for YouTube came from the short video format Vines. Before YouTube, he shared humorous videos on various social media platforms, which gained him recognition. However, his focus shifted to YouTube, where he consistently posted content, which allowed his subscriber base to grow rapidly. By 2019, he had over 10 million subscribers on his channel and in 2018 he received the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for Best Digital Influencer.

Ashish Chanchlani Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 30.3 million
  • Channel Name: CarryMinati
  • Total Views: 4.7 Billion
  • Niche: Films & Comedy

#7 Sandeep Maheshwari 

sandeep maheshwari youtube

Sandeep Maheshwari is ranked seventh on our list. He is a well-known Indian motivational speaker and social media influencer with an extensive online presence. His YouTube channel has an impressive collection of 580+ videos, with over 2.3 billion views. With 27.6 million subscribers, he has a huge and dedicated fan base. Sandeep Maheshwari, born on 28 September 1980, joined YouTube in February 2012.

Before her YouTube journey, Maheshwari’s career as a model had stalled due to exploitation in the industry. He also faced failures in various business ventures. His YouTube channel primarily serves as a platform for inspirational, creative, and educational content, aimed at inspiring viewers to realize their full potential. Sandeep has positively impacted the lives of millions of people, helping them achieve their goals through the platform he has created.

Sandeep Maheshwari Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 28.6 million
  • Channel Name: Sandeep Maheshwari
  • Total Views: 2.4 Billion
  • Niche: Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

#8 Crazy XYZ (Amit Sharma)

Crazy XYZ

Amit Sharma, known as Crazy XYZ, is a famous Indian YouTuber from Rajasthan. He creates videos showcasing science experiments, unusual activities, and content in response to public demand. He is known for his friendly and straightforward approach. His background as an alumnus of IIT Roorkee sets him apart, which contributes to his success as a YouTuber.

He conducts experiments similar to those conducted by Dheeraj Singh, also known as Mr. Indian Hacker. However, what makes Amit stand out is his ability to explain the science behind these experiments.

Crazy XYZ is listed among the top 10 YouTube creators in India. Amit Sharma, a resident of Alwar district of Rajasthan, makes entertaining science experiment videos on YouTube, keeping his viewers amused. The fact that most of Crazy XYZ’s videos have garnered millions of views is a testament to his popularity.

Crazy XYZ Stats:

  • Total Subscribers: 28 million
  • Channel Name: Crazy XYZ
  • Total Views: 8.8 Billion
  • Niche: Science Experiments

#9 Bhuvan Bam

bb ki vines

Bhuvan Bam, despite his Maharashtrian roots, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Gujarat. With a bachelor’s degree in History, he entered the world of YouTube in 2015. His channel mainly revolves around spreading laughter through hilarious videos and his charismatic personality.

A pioneer in the Indian YouTube community, Bhuvan became the first YouTuber to cross the 10 million subscriber mark. He also earned the distinction of being invited to the prestigious Davos gathering to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

Apart from his YouTube success, Bhuvan has showcased his acting skills in the acclaimed short film ‘Plus-Minus’, which received a Filmfare Award. Furthermore, he has released several music albums, including ‘Teri Meri Kahaani‘, ‘Ajnabee‘, ‘Sang Hoon Tere‘ and more. Her achievements include winning the Most Popular Channel award at the Webtvasia Awards 2016 and appearing in Forbes India’s ’30 Under 30’ list. Bhuvan also manages another channel named ‘BB Ki Vines Productions’.

  • Total Subscribers: 26.4 million
  • Channel Name: BB ki Vines
  • Total Views: 4.9 Billion
  • Niche: Films & Comedy

#10 Amit Bhadana

amit badhana

Amit Bhadana, ranked ninth on our list, has 24.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making him one of the most famous YouTube creators in India. His channel has nearly 100 videos, which have collectively garnered an impressive 2.3 billion views. Born on 7 September 1994, Amit Bhadana debuted on YouTube in October 2012.

Amit Bhadana mainly categorizes his content under entertainment. His uploads primarily consist of comedic videos, including roasts, skits, and reactions. His unique blend of rhyming comedy and desi style has significantly contributed to his widespread recognition. Additionally, he often collaborates with other YouTubers and occasionally creates short films.

  • Total Subscribers: 24.4 million
  • Channel Name: Amit Bhadana
  • Total Views: 2.4 Billion
  • Niche: Films & Comedy

In conclusion

This is the list of the top 10 YouTubers and YouTube channels in India for 2023. We will update this ranking every month as fluctuations occur. These creators do not achieve success by chance or luck; they have dedicated marketing teams behind them, conducting research and analysis to guide their content creation.

We are also a marketing agency, responsible for managing over 15 YouTube channels. If you’re looking to enhance your presence on YouTube, please feel free to contact us.

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