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How to Grow your LinkedIn Network?

by Waffle Bytes
Grow your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is a platform used for building professional profiles and networks. Employees and employers both use it. It is a social media for the corporate world. It is now mandatory to grow LinkedIn network. It is a free platform where you can build your profile and see the profile of others in your field. They have a subscription-based premium model as well. The premium plan has some additional benefits. Premium is optional if you are new and have little to do on LinkedIn.

Why do you need to grow on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform frequently used by employers to find out and recruit potential candidates. Growing on social media widens your job prospects. It helps you showcase your skills in front of employers. LinkedIn can help you in getting internships and jobs. 

Why are Connections on LinkedIn Important?

LinkedIn connections can help you in various things. Two major helps you can take from your LinkedIn connections are:

  1. You can ask your connections to refer you to their company. Reference improves your chances of getting hired.
  2. If you are joining an organization and see your connection working there, you can ask him about the work culture and other insights about the company.

How to create a profile?

Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy. Just Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the LinkedIn sign-up page.
  2. Type your first and last name, email address, and password you’ll use. Note: You must use your actual name when creating a profile. Company names and pseudonyms are not allowed.
  3. Click Join now.
  4. Complete any additional steps as prompted.

Note: Creating multiple profiles is not allowed per the Professional Community Policies and User Agreement of LinkedIn.

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What information can you add to your LinkedIn profile?

  1. Add a professional photographer to your LinkedIn profile. Preferably in formal attire, not a compulsion, though. Just make sure it’s a front-facing picture. You can also add a cover picture showcasing your creativity.
  2. Add all your skills relevant to your profession.
  3. Add all the professional licenses and certifications.
  4. Your education level and degree.
  5. Add a headline and bio. It will work as a quick intro to you for recruiters and viewers.
  6. Add all the professional experiences you had from internships to full-time.
  7. You can add resumes to your LinkedIn profile.

Top 10 tips to grow your LinkedIn Network

Here are the top 10 tips to grow your LinkedIn Network. You can do several things to keep your profile updated and above others.

1. Update your Profile

It would be best if you always kept your LinkedIn profile updated. If you change your job or company, you should update it on your LinkedIn profile right away.

2. Engage on the post of others

You can engage with others’ posts on LinkedIn and put forward your take on their view. This goes in your activity section, which will be shown to others, including employers.

3. Share your experiences as a post.

You can share your professional experiences in the post.

4. Send Connection Requests

LinkedIn is a platform where you can reach out to strangers without creeping them out. You can send a connection request to strangers in your field. You should add an Inmails with the requests to let the other person know your intent. LinkedIn prioritizes first-degree connections, so connect with people in your industry.

5. Learn from LinkedIn Learning and take assessments

LinkedIn has a platform called LinkedIn Learning. Here you can learn any skill related to your profession. They have a one-month free trial also. LinkedIn provides you with assessments. If you pass these assessments, you can earn badges and show them in your profile. These badges help you rank better in front of employers.

6. Follow your favourite brands.

You can follow the pages of your favourite companies. This way, LinkedIn notifications will update you with everything in that company.

7. Apply for jobs directly on LinkedIn

You can look for jobs on LinkedIn. There is a separate section on LinkedIn where recruiters post job openings. You can directly apply for it and also reach out to the job posters. You can use several filters to find the right job for you.

8. Join LinkedIn groups

You can make and join LinkedIn groups relevant to your job profession and interests. This will help you stay updated with the latest industry updates.

9. Optimize your profile

To make sure as many people see your LinkedIn profile as possible, you need

to optimize it with keywords. You can do this by using relevant keywords in your profile description. Use keywords that are relevant to the kind of job you are seeking and the industry. Your headline is one of the most visible parts of your LinkedIn profile, so ensure it has the right keywords.

10. Endorsements

Endorsements are skill affirmations given by your connections. These will show in your profile and help you rank better than others. You can take and give endorsements on LinkedIn. First-degree connections can share endorsements. These affirmations are based on the work you do. 


LinkedIn is the social media of the corporate world. A Better LinkedIn profile means better chances of getting a better job. There are specific pointers that can help you grow on LinkedIn. The main thing is to keep your profile updated and complete. Try sharing your professional experiences and views as a post and keep your activity section active.

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