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How to Cut Videos on Mac/Windows

by Tarun Pal
guide to how to cut videos on mac and windows

Cutting a video is required for professional purposes or is used during the final editing of a video. The process involves removing unwanted parts of a footage, trimming the parts of video including beginning or the end. This may involve dividing the video into smaller chunks. Whatever the actual purpose of editing a video is, entirely depends on the requirement of the project or the video editor. Some of the reasons why people want to cut video is:

  1. The process of cutting allows the video editor to remove the unwanted parts in the video. This may include the mistakes that were made during the filming of the video or trimming the scenes which are not relevant to the overall subject of the video.
  2. Cutting can also make the video seem smoother and more flawless when it comes out as a final product. This ensures that the content of the video is engaging and the message is rightfully delivered to the audience.
  3. Cutting can also allow the longer video to be converted into smaller chunks to make highlight reels, trailers or small clips can also be used for promotional purposes. People often include fun parts or the most exciting parts of the video in these smaller clips to develop the audience’s interest in the content.
  4. While the unnecessary parts are removed from the video during this process, this reduces the size of the video file as well. The reduced size is easily uploaded on any social media platform or other platforms and easily loaded when the viewers are watching it.

By cutting the video into smaller parts, you make your video content more engaging and exciting for the viewers. You can easily tailor it according to your specifications and requirements as per the topic. The final product achieved in this scenario is the polished and effective content.

Video Editing Softwares

If you wish to edit or cut a video yourself, you can adopt several techniques or ways:

Video editing softwares

You can use professional video editing applications which include a wide range of editing tools including cutting, trimming, splitting or merging.

Basic video editors

Such video editors are quite simple and user-friendly which makes it easier for even the beginners to try the skills. You can find them pre-installed in your laptop or computer devices as well.  Using such tools you can perform basic editing tasks.

Online video editors

You can easily find such softwares online. They allow you to use the web browsers to upload and edit your video. The features provided by these online editing softwares include cutting and trimming along with some basic editing facilities.

Mobile Video editing apps

As the world is evolving, so is the way everything operates around us. One of the benefits of the evolving world is the mobile phones. You can find anything and everything at the palm of your hand. There is plethora of mobile applications which allow you to edit videos, add audio, trim the video, cut the clips into small chunks etc.

Command line tools

If you are a developer or know how to work with command line softwares / interfaces, you can even use the command-line-based tools to edit your video. The features included are cutting, trimming, encoding, which requires a lot of technical knowledge to deal with the codes and write / choose the correct codes.

Make sure that the video editing software you choose should include all the features necessary and the ones which fit your criteria.

Cutting Videos in Mac / Windows Operating Systems

If you are interested to use the built-in softwares in your preferred operating systems then here is what you need to do:

Mac Users can either choose iMovie or QuickTime Player softwares.


  1. First step is to open the iMovie software and import your video
  2. Next step is to drag the video to the timeline
  3. Now, move the play head to where you wish to cut the video
  4. Then click on “Split Clip” button or press Command +B.
  5. Select the part of the video which you wish to delete and then export the edited video.

QuickTime Player

  1. Open your video in the software and move the play head to select where you wish to cut your video.
  2. Then go to ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Split Clip’ or use the Command +Y.
  3. Save your video

For windows you can either use Windows Movie Maker is the best choice

Windows Movie Maker

  1. Open the software on your device and import the video
  2. Drag the video to the timeline area and move the play head to select the part which you want to cut
  3. Click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Split’
  4. Delete the part which is not needed and save your video.

Above mentioned are some of the ways you can use to cut your videos using built-in softwares or the ones available to you through the internet or other platforms. Choose the one which suits you and is according to your specifications and start cutting or trimming your video.

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