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Top 5 plastic tube manufacturers in India

by Waffle Bytes
Plastic tube manufactures in India

Have you ever wondered why you choose one product over the other at first sight? I bet, only a few of you would have given it a thought. Well, let me tell you as per a study, the buying intent ratios for high–design-aesthetic products were significantly higher than those for the low–design-aesthetic products. So, it was not your impulsive decision but the aesthetic appeal or the packaging of the product that made you buy over other similar products.

Well, do not get overwhelmed by your purchasing decisions, I will make more efforts to offer a better understanding. For instance, below are the pictures of two tubes with similar formula products but with different packaging.

Although both, pictures speaks for themselves, and by now you would have decided which one of the two you would choose. If it is the first one, then your decisions are again blown by the winds of aesthetics. Just like this, packaging not only affects our choices but also drives sales for the brands. This is the reason why brands nowadays have started focusing more on packaging. Attractive colours, fonts, and minimal design are what attract customers.

Top 5 plastic tube manufacturers in India

Plastic tubes are majorly used in industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but what drives the sales is the quality of tubes and packaging. Here is the list of the top 5 plastic tube manufacturers in India:

Sitons Propack Private Limited

Sitons Propack is among the leading plastic tube manufacturers in India. They are known to offer the best-grade plastic tubes perfect for cosmetic and pharmaceutical usage. You can get them customized in different sizes and shapes. They offer tubes like – round cosmetic tubes, oval cosmetic tubes, nozzle tubes, lip gloss tubes, and pump tubes. From 8-color offset printing to hot stamping to 4-colour silk screen printing, you can avail custom printing as per your needs and requirements. They also use sustainable materials like LDPE, HDPE, and EVOH.

Website: https://sitonspropack.com/ 

Neel Packaging

Neel Packaging is a Sole Proprietorship, Delhi-based firm. They offer high-grade plastic tubes, pharmaceutical bottles and tubes, HDPE bottles and jars, plastic packaging bottles, cosmetic packaging jars, bottle caps, etc. You can contact them for quotations about different products. 

Website: https://www.neelpackaging.co.in/ 

BRK Packwell Private Limited

It is a 2012 established firm that majorly deals in high-grade plastic and laminate packaging tubes. You can get  ABL and PBL laminate tubes, tube caps, plastic packaging tubes, and more. They are known for their product’s durability and multiple usability. You can contact BRK Packwell for more information about products and their pricing. 

Website: https://www.brkpackwell.net/ 

Purity Flexpack Limited

Purity Flexpack Limited is one of the leading plastic tube manufacturers in India. With their in-house R&D and innovations they have been catering to the cosmetic industry with their beautiful plastic tubes. They believe in the creation of a distinctive product identity and extend the shelf life of goods. You can also get custom-coloured tubes at Purity Flexpack.

Website: https://www.purityflexpack.com/ 

Ryder Propack Pvt. Ltd

If you are searching for a cosmetic and pharmaceutical tube manufacturer, then Ryder Propack should be your go-to destination. Their multilayered tubes are known for their quality which further enhances the shelf life of the inside-packed product. You can get both PBL (Plastic Barrier) and ABL (Aluminium Barrier) tubes.

Website: http://www.ryderpropack.in/ 

Hopefully, this information will help you in choosing the right tube manufacturer as per your requirements.

Note: The above list will be updated as the information changes over time.

If you want to get your plastic manufacturing company on this list, kindly contact Waffle Bytes.

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